We P.G. Drive are Manufacturers, Exporters & Leading Suppliers of Sales and Service of PIV Variable Speed Mechanical Drives & Gear Reducers Located in Mumbai, India.

Piv Drive Parts

Piv Chains

Piv Conical Wheels (Piv Cones)

Clutches, Couplings And Brake Linings For P.I.V. Variable Speed Drives

Service Center For PIV Drives

P G Drive can provide Spares & Servicing of all types of Indian and Imported PIV Units (U.K., German, French, American, Czech & others)

Beyond providing parts, chains and drives, conical wheels, clutches and couplings, we also offer rebuilding for PIV mechanical variable speed drives and straight gear reducers.

P G Drive maintains an inventory of PIV replacement chains, cones, bearings, seals, couplings, clutches, shafts and other parts. This allows us to provide parts to our customer quickly at a competitive price.

When ordering parts, replacement drives or resolving technical issues about the drive, we need to know the following information from the ID plate:

This is the type of drive. RZ0, AB0, A12 and U0 are examples of drive types, although, there are many, many, other types of drive designations.

the serial number usually the form of XXXXXX G1, where XXXXXX is the first part of the serial number and G1 is the second part of the serial number. Other examples are 355 640 G6, 412 045 G12, 512 233, G1, etc.

This indicates the type of chain found inside the drive. The chain type usually begins with a letter and is followed by a series of numbers and letters. Such as, Rb140, A233V, RB034, A335VQ, RC370, WK2484S. There are many other types of PIV chains available.

There are other fields on the ID plate which we normally do not use when ordering spare parts and replacement drives. We have included these definitions here for your information. N1 is the input RPM, N2 is the output RPM. P2 is the output power in kilowatts and M2 is the output torque in Newton-meters.