We P.G. Drive are Manufacturers, Exporters & Leading Suppliers Of Gear Design And Engineering Located in Mumbai, India.

P.G.DRIVE has specialized in the design and manufacture of gear drives for nearly 3 Decades. We offer a complete line of both standard gearboxes and special design gearboxes. P.G.Drive also offers a complete rebuild and upgrade service, which will bring your gearboxes back to original OEM specifications. P.G.DRIVE has designed drive systems for all major industries, including textile, plastics, rubber, printing & packaging, pharmaceutical, metal working, chemical, paper, cement etc. No matter how special the application is, our know-how coupled with modern technology assures quality product solutions. We can provide you with the design support from blank sheet to finished drawings.

With reach experience in the gearing field, P.G.Drive also offers the service for design of gears and gear pairs for new application development. Need help with your machine’s gearing design needs please click here.

Evaluating, specifying, conception, sizing and drafting Gear Design Solutions with focus on reliability and economic efficiency of the customer‘s entire design goal.

Analysis of current gear specifications, gear concepts, detail design and calculation

Optimizing and Refining current gear design, e.g. improvement of power density, life time, reliability, efficiency, minimization of noise and vibration

Preparation of Manufacturing Drawings and Purchase Specifications for all gearbox components

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